RosEcoMat Eco materials

RosEcoMat products are the best environmentally friendly insulation materials designed to keep warmth in the premises of any purpose. Slabs containing natural fibers have not only low thermal conductivity, but also are easily mounted on any surface. Unlike glass wool, insulators  made from natural components do not produce toxic substances and dust. As a rule, slabs for thermal insulation are made from flax, hemp, and wood, while safe for health polyester fibers are used as a binder.

 Thanks to the natural structure of the RosEcoMat insulation has a huge number of advantages:


 Lack of petrochemical products and formaldehyde resins in the composition;
 When installing, it does not require any protective attributes or special tools;
 Resistance to moisture;
 Prevents the appearance of mold and fungus;
 It has low thermal conductivity (in summer it is cool, in winter it is warm);
 Excellent soundproof material;
 Has an elastic surface and does not form cold bridges during installation.
 Resistance to temperature changes (all properties are preserved at low and high temperatures);
 Not affected by ultraviolet radiation;
 Can not be damaged by forces of nature;
 Prevents condensation (high vapor permeability);
 Is hypoallergenic (can be used in hospitals and children's rooms).



Today, our company offers a wide range of insulation materials, in addition, the company's employees are constantly working to improve and develop new unique materials. Each customer has an opportunity to choose   a certain kind of insulator that will meet all the demands and will protect the house. You can order the RosEcoMat insulation by phone or on our website. For consultation please use the contact phone number. Our managers will be glad to answer all your questions and help with the choice.

The RosEcoMat trade mark Eco-materials are a clever investment and concern for the health of loved ones.