Eco-friendly materials Roseсomat

Welcome to our website! We are the company that produces environmentally friendly high quality   construction materials for thermal and sound insulation. Thanks to advanced technologies, innovations and long-term experience, our company managed to create an ideal insulator, which is durable and has high performance characteristics.

We use only eco-friendly materials that do not contain hazardous resins and are absolutely harmless and safe for health. Rosecomat is the official website of the producer where you see the range of products as well as order and buy any of them.  

The eco-friendly materials Rosecomat are harmless, nontoxic, heat saving efficient and have high performance characteristics. We offer a wide range of insulators of any parameters at reasonable prices.

   Пластова Зидария 
   Звукоизолация на каркасна преградна стена
   Вентилирана фасада
   Топлоизолация на студена мансарда
   Топлоизолация на пода
   Топлоизолация на каркасен покрив
   Топло/Звукоизолация на междуетажни плочи
   Топло/Звукоизолация на станите в апартамента
   Изолация на балкона
   Звукоизолация на тавана в апартамента
   Изолиране на каркасна стена


Eco-friendly materials Rosecomat!



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