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About us

About us

Rosecomat is the producer of eco-friendly materials for construction

Nowadays thermal insulation of residential and commercial premises is quite popular. The market of construction materials offers a wide range of various insulators for walls, roofs and floor. You ought to be very careful and responsible while choosing boards for thermal insulation. It is necessary to pay attention not only to parameters, but also to the ingredients of insulation. Today natural materials are considered the best as they combine perfect protective function and ecological purity. Such materials are presented under the Rosecomat trademark.

Изолации за дом - производител вносител

Production of environmentally friendly insulation materials

Only natural raw materials are used to produce eco-friendly insulation.  The production plant is equipped with modern high-tech equipment that allows to manufacture large volumes of high quality products. All technologies for the production of ecological insulation materials have been developed and patented according to European standards.

Making a choice in favor of insulation RosEcoMat, you become the owner of a high-quality product, which has a huge number of advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly. Due to its unique characteristics, RosEcoMat insulation is recommended to be used in medical and childcare facilities. 
  • Resistance to external factors, as well as resistance to fungus and mold.
  • Resistance to rodents.
  • Long service life.
  • Absence of formaldehyde and phenol in the composition.
  • Excellent soundproofing and low thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent hygroscopicity and vapor permeability.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of products, as well as expanding the range. RosEcoMat is a manufacturer that is trusted by large construction companies and private customers. Our company values every customer, therefore you get a quality guarantee for our products and the most favorable terms of cooperation.

Today, RosEcoMat products are delivered all over European countries. A unique composition and affordable price, make the insulation of RosEcoMat the most practical and effective option for the insulation of any premises!