RosEcoMat for sauna and bath

It is recommended for thermal insulation of floors, walls, ceilings of steam rooms, saunas. Difficult-to-burn, self-extinguishing. Not afraid of waterlogging.The advantages of sea grass insulation are more than obvious: 1. Environmental friendliness. Due to the high percentage of sorption humidification, the maintenance of the most acceptable humidity in the room is ensured. This moment is very important for people who are prone to diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis and asthma. Sea grass contains a large amount of iodine, which contributes to the saturation of the air in the room, having a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. 2. Durability. According to its chemical structure, the insulation RosEcoMat has a similarity with the chemical composition of wood. But if we draw parallels between the insulation from the seashore and wood, then the first option has significant advantages, the most important of which is resistance to rot and various fungi. 3. Stability. Kamka is not subject to destruction by insects and rodents. Due to the high content of calcium salts, conditions are created that are unacceptable for the vital activity of these parasites. 4.Non-combustibility. The insulation from the seashore can be attributed to the category of "combustible hard-to-ignite materials". In addition, when algae decay, they do not emit any dangerous substances for human health. 5. The availability of a seashore insulation, the price of which is not high, and along with its advantages, makes RosEcoMat the most acceptable and profitable option.